TEAM #LEADERSHIP … or the strength of leading by example


A team leader should not go it alone.

A leader must mobilize team members to take collective action.


What makes a team successful is not the ability to influence others. but great empathy for others and their needs.

What makes a team successful is not the idealism of each member, the own #success perspective, but the willingness to represent the team.

In a team everyone wins, when everyone is leading by example and sharing the same “burden”.

Leading by example means following rules that apply for everyone else in the group.


We cannot exempt ourselves from the rules that apply to everyone else. ~ Barack Obama



And in taking direct action, we must uphold standards that reflect our values.

A team leader feels responsible for the team and the project and doesn`t have problems acting side by side with the own team members.

Team leadership requires us to see the world as it should be – a place where the aspirations of individual human beings matter; where hopes and not just direction governs. 


Military leadership gives a wise direction what good team leadership is about…. we should learn from combat leaders like @SorenSjogren



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