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VonKarin Sebelin



We are used to see our perspective of the world. We only want to see, what is our opinion and what we like. We create our own world, a world that suits us and our vision. Our ideas, wishes, and aims guide us. And we too often, overlook our own faults.

As we have learned to see only what corresponds to our imagination, we tend to an intolerant behavior. We criticize others who don’t fit in our scheme. People have to meet special specifications, when we want to trust and like them. We often search for our mirror images or our idols.


  • Why don’t we accept people how they are?
  • Why don’t we try to understand that other people feel and think differently?
  • Why don’t we tolerate others‘ opinions?
  • Why don’t we develop a special sensitivity for other people?


Trust can only develop when we detach ourselves from this closed-minded thinking that each human being has to “function” according to our imagination.



Develop a sensitivity for other people and try to understand their world.




(Annotation: This is an excerpt from my book „Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters„)

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