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E-Book: Best Tips for Building a Powerful Brand – Part 2 (PERSONAL BRANDING ASSESSMENT)


This is PART 2 of the E-Book …

PART 1 is here.

Download the E-Book here.

Please answer these questions as best as you can – ->

I have included a sample list of Core Values.


Personality … or Bring your Brand on the Table

1.    What do you bring on the table? What is your unique promise of value? What differentiates you from others?

2.    What are the key adjectives that describe your personality. Make a list of the five to ten words, that describe you. (For example: personable, kind, innovative, entrepreneurial …)

3.    How do you come across to others? List three to five words that describe what others know you for. (For example: attentive to details, helpful, technically savvy)

4.    What is your passion? You are clear on what energizes you in the morning?


Key Strengths and Weaknesses / Key Skill Set

1.  What is your expertise?

2.  List your top five strengths.

3.  List your weaknesses. What are the weaknesses that may hold you back?


Core Values, Vision, Mission 

1.   What are your core values? Know your top five values or those things that are most important to you.

2.   What is your vision? What is the big picture for where you see yourself headed?

3.   Know your personal mission statement. Write down 2-3 sentences about your mission in your life (For example: Empowering others through coaching, …)


Relationship Attributes

1.  What is it like to engage with you – professionally and socially?


Leadership Attributes

1.   What kind of leader are you?


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The following list of core values may help to answer the questions above.

List of Core Values –> Core Values List with 500 Examples


This was PART 2 of the E-Book …

Expect PART 3 …