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Steadily develop your social media presence further.

Surround yourself with inspirational and creative people to learn from and to get good inspirations.

Host events to get like-minded people together.

Join local groups in your area for face-to-face networking. (Chamber of Commerce or other organizations).

After events follow up with people with a friendly email or a handwritten note.

Join your industry’s professional association.

Invite people and business contacts spontaneously to meetings for lunch or dinner.

Attend workshops and seminars to connect with interesting people.

Attend three conferences per year (local, national or online).

Become a speaker at a conference in your industry.

Consistently stay in touch with your clients through emails.

Ask your clients for testimonials and referrals.

Volunteering is an excellent way to be visible (as board member, …).





Develop a mindset of discipline, persistence, consistency, and commitment!



1. Do what has to be done

2. No matter how hard it is

3. Do it with excellence

4. Trust yourself


True leadership is a combination of discipline, letting go, spontaneity, flexibility, enthusiasm and joy.


Enjoy what you do!

And bring your brand to success!


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Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters

and develop the essential behavior and security with regard to trust.

Setting out to create a new culture around a much-needed redefinition of trust, I crafted this guide to help readers learn the true nature of what trust is, how to practice it, and just how trust can help you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

Whether you want to move forward in your career or in your personal relationships, this book opens your eyes to the full life waiting for you. Learn to trust, learn to live.

Trust needs a new thinking … a new culture.





They called it trust – for us it is a confirmation of life. ~ Karin Sebelin


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