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Each word is an opportunity to differentiate your #brand. ~ Karin Sebelin

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Brand language allows brands to freely articulate the own vision and ideology. And brand language does not only mean inserting a slogan into a picture and communicating this picture. Brand language is the whole package of communication.

Problem is that new brands often don’t know how to communicate. They often repeat the same message until it’s trite.

Brand language serves as a means to differentiate the brand. Top brands steadily work on winning the long-term support of opinion leaders or influencers.

To act as a brand is to build, energize and empower an audience that supports the brand. Having something to tell is wonderful, but if no one is listening to us, we’ll do ourselves a great disservice. Building a community is indeed very important.

Consumers have become active participants in the brand-building process. Retweets on Twitter work much faster as the rollout of a global marketing campaign.

Give people the trust they need and start great conversations.


Each word is an opportunity to differentiate your brand. ~ Karin Sebelin

Good social media is the difference between teaching a class and hosting a great party. ~ George Eberstadt


What are you going to tell as a brand?


Use your chance and invest in a great brand communication.

It is vital to engage our audience with inspiring and creative words on a very personal level.


Not only be different, demonstrate a difference through the right words.


When everybody zigs, zag. ~ Marty Neumeier


Our language offers an abundance of choices and options to express our identity.

The best brands „curate“ content that insures relevance and emphasizes a special authenticity.


Seth Godin says:

Authenticity, for me, is doing, what you promise, not „being who you are!“

I say:

Authenticity, for me, is creating our own brand identity through targeted, sincere and wise words.


Words have so much power:


Words engage intelligence, imagination, and emotion in a way that no other communication does. ~ Karin Sebelin