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VonKarin Sebelin

#TRUST is the fertilizer for business climate


A trustworthy behavior in dealing with other people and an accompanying well-being are a sign of a good corporate culture.
A good corporate culture has a strong influence on employee health.

Each of us can do something for an appreciative and trusting business climate.

In business it is important to strengthen similarities and maintain a sense of unity.
The cohesion among colleagues gives security und our self-esteem gets strengthened.

However, reality often looks different: We live in a society of criticism.
We steadily seek mistakes in others, instead of collaborating, and we ourselves strive for praise and recognition.




The affirmation of actions makes organizations more vital. Forces are released, when a colleague trusts and believes in us.

Such experiences can indeed change our business life. People then feel appreciated and inspired.

Trust and appreciation create a positive mood. And a positive mood is contagious.
Happiness is spread, and people show a relaxed and enthusiastic attitude.

And what is important …

Trust creates more trust.



Here some proposals for a healthy business climate:


– Pay attention to your mood!

– Smile often, it releases hormones.

– Put smileys under your emails

– Maintain healthy dialogues

– Give others confirmation

– Give others the feeling that they matter

– Integrate all in processes or decisions

– Direct your focus on the good stuff

– Welcome others with handshake

– Keep appointments

– Remember names

– Say thank you!

– Be punctually!

– Be polite!

– Give people the feeling that they are valuable!


We can do so much for a good business culture!

The more we invest in each other, the more valuable we get for each other.

Never expect that your colleagues know that you appreciate and trust them!


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