Leadership is like a drive by car … we can get wise in two ways

Leadership is like a drive by car


What kind of driver are you?


Are you

…. a foresighted and attentive driver?


…. an adventurous and hazardous driver?


Do you adapt your driving to your surroundings, to the signs that you come across?


Do you seek your own style and drive with risk and personal motivation?


Leadership is like driving a car …


We have learned to drive and to lead, but each day we come across new situations in traffic where we have to prove us and our abilities.

We think we know everything .. and want to show that ..

Good leadership needs wisdom and the right sixth sense to act appropriately and at the right moment.


Leaders or drivers can get wise in two ways …


By seeing with the eyes, by in-depth understanding and by intuitive reaction. —> That is the wisest way.

Or when fate brings us to our senses. When we wake up suddenly, through an unpleasant situation or accident. —> This is the hardest way.


Real wisdom comes when we react before we have to react, and not when we learn because we have to..

When we question steadily our own movements and situation, when we lead effectively and thoughtfully, we become wise.


Good leadership means gaining an awareness.


Are you aware how you lead?


Leadership is like a drive by car. Enjoy the luxury of wisdom in your own car. ~ Karin Sebelin



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