E-Book: Best Tips for Building a Powerful Brand – Part 3 (BRAND POSITIONING)

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E-Book: Best Tips for Building a Powerful Brand – Part 3 (BRAND POSITIONING)


This is PART 3 of the E-Book …

PART 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

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Know what you have to offer to others.

Help people understand what you have to offer and show them how you are going to help them achieve their goals.

Begin to start collecting client recommendations and testimonials for your online portfolio.

Know your target market or niche. Understand the group of individuals you want to reach in the marketplace. What are the age, gender, occupation, and demographics of your target market? Where do they hang out?

è How do you want to solve your niche market problems?

Do a research around what it is that your target market wants. Use tools like Google and Amazon.

Ask their clients what they want by doing research, surveys, focus groups and obtaining feedback.

Know your industry. And create products and services  directly from your research.

è Study what you can do better or differently than others.

Collaborate with competitors and look for opportunities!



People don’t buy what you are doing, they are buying YOU…. Your brand !


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Have a plan for professional development in order to continue to nourish your strengths.

Steadily work on your weaknesses.

Understand your business skills and how they can help you to stand out and be different.

Actively establish your expertise as thought leader.

Write articles pertaining to your niche.

Write a book / e-book.


Reach out to media contacts and magazines and offer to be a media source for stories (write columns or articles) and interviews.

Post content, comment and give feedback to help your brand stand out.

Be creative, invent steadily new ideas and create a “wow” factor, that people get notice of your brand.

Learn something new each week and continue to educate yourself in your area of expertise.

Subscribe to the top three – five newsletters in your niche to stay informed.

Identify which publications and newsletters your target market reads and subscribe yourself to those publications.

Work with other people and experts in your target market.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Become a member of three- five professional organizations within your field of interest.

Create a list of common questions you could get asked by others.

Create a journal about problems, to learn from the written down solutions. Promoting these solutions will attract possible clients.

Create a journal about possibilities, ideas and opportunities. Be open to unorthodox ideas and get into contact with creative and inspirational people.



This was PART 3 of the E-Book …

Expect PART 4 …


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