Do hula hoops and convince with wittedness … have fun at work


Traditionalists will say that work is serious business. One of the most creative minds of the Industrial Age had a different point of view:


I never did a day’s work in my life — it was all fun.
 — Thomas Edison



Meghan M. Biro, CEO + Founder TalentCulture Consulting Group + TalentCulture World of Work, says:

“Edison’s point is well taken, but I doubt he ever worked in any of the deadening cultures most of us have had to suffer in at some time during our careers. I’m not asking for rainbows and unicorns, they call it work for a reason. But the fact is that leaders can add some zing, zest and just plain fun to being at work. And numerous studies have shown a lively, personalized workplace culture improves business performance (and profits).

I’m talking about fun, but this is serious business. It’s our job to help create happy employees.”


Life is serious enough.


It is indispensable to enrich our private, and also our business life through fun and joy.
Spontaneous moments of fun and humor are able to transform a boring office life into an exciting workplace.


Now you will ask …

But we are in the office – how does that work?


Indeed we do not need a whole portable suitcase for entertainment to have fun at work.


There are easy ways to cheer ourselves and others up:


1.) Begin with small hula hoop exercises throughout the day. You will hit two birds with one stone. You will have fun and your body gets a good shape.

2.) Switch on the radio and listen to some good music. Move your body to the rhythm. And soon you will begin to smile.

3.) Be quick-witted in your communication and find some humor in debates.
Wittedness amuses people and enlivens conversations.
Being witty is a good way to use your intelligence and knowledge.
Be sarcastic and ironic. Be bold and be short. Brevity is the soul of wit.
Use puns in dialogues ( Read Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde and study satirical characters on TV ).
Respond with a meaningful quotation from a movie, book, or significant figure.


When we look at history’s most successful entrepreneurs, leaders and employees, we will see a common thread: They all love what they do.

Learn to have fun at work and show that!

Fun makes you happy and makes others happy!

It creates a bond with you and your surrounding.


Fun and work

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