Create an Attitude of Approachability


“I feel a leader should be approachable.”

Do you think so, too?


When we come to a certain level of leadership, people want to get in deeper contact with us. People want to know us and they want to talk on a personal level to us. This can be disturbing for people who are not used to that. We all like to have our private sphere, but being successful means appreciating that people see us as recommendable and a person to share the own interests and life with.


Try to understand:

Personal leaders know more. They learn more. And they are seen as person of trust. The cost of ignorance can be high.


Learn this when you want to be successful:


The  Approachability  Affirmation 


- I am an approachable professional. I am open for people. Being open means I am interested when others contact me and show empathy for their issues. In doing so I can learn, help others and can expand my references, networks and experiences.

- I am relaxed. When I engage with other people they feel comfortable when working with me.

- I am confident. My presence spreads happiness, enthusiasm and joy. People will enjoy encountering me.

- I am a great conversationalist. I ask interesting and thought provoking questions that give people permission to open up. I give people the feeling of confidence when talking to me.

- I am a great listener. I listen to what people have to tell me. I’m curious, not judgmental. I give people the feeling that they can come to me with their ideas and problems.

- I have learned to recognize that fear is our greatest problem. Stepping out of our comfort zone is very important.


What does approachability mean to you?

Are you approachable?



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