Comparative leaders will be the leaders of the future …


We are all global leaders … we act globally.

But are you a comparative leader? A leader who leads people with respect for the own culture?


First we should explain the two leadership styles:


What is global #leadership ?

Here executives lead across cultures and perform leadership outside the own national and organizational culture.


What is comparative #leadership?

Here executives lead people in different cultures, they lead a multinational team.


Effective global leaders need an understanding of cultural leadership styles to lead multicultural followers effectively.


Assess your own leadership style now:

Do you act from a kindness that results from the own culture and global leadership?

Or do you act from a kindness for the very special culture?

Being open for other cultures does not make you a comparative leader.

You will only expand the own horizon.


Comparative leaders will be the leaders of the future …


They integrate styles of other cultures and reinvent the own leadership.


Comparative leaders understand their role in the own culture very well and understand the great responsibility for the other culture, too.

Leading across cultures (cross-cultural leadership) is a task to be learned and to be carried out with wisdom.



Cross-Cultural Leadership



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