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VonKarin Sebelin

#BRANDING … is tailored work



Branding means performing the own identity different from competitors or presenting a similar identity in a different way.

Branding is not about being on top of something, but within something.

The fundamental task is „Transforming the product category“.


Today is the end of average brands.

Only those brands that maximize delight will survive.


The value of a brand lies in its capacity to generate long term cash-flows.

And brand awareness, brand image, trust and reputation, painstakingly built up over the years, are the best guarantee of future earnings.


The immense competition from international low-cost „players“ and from private labels requires a more demanding and exclusive brand management.

It requires strategic brand management.


Strategic positioning has 3 key principles

Serving …

1.) Few needs of many

2.) Broad needs of few

3.) Broad needs of many in a narrow market


Strategic positioning requires no-compromise leadership, a guidance that knows what not to do in order to present the own brand successfully.


Branding is tailored work ..

Geared to …

1.) Deepening a position

2.) Extending the uniqueness

3.) Strengthening the fit among its activities


Strategic brand management is the creation of a unique and valuable framework, involving a different set of activities. Setting limits and deciding which feature or service to offer is the role of leadership in brand strategy. A company must continually improve its operational effectiveness and steadily adjust the own frontiers. The strategic agenda demands discipline and continuity. The framework must „fit“ to the brand.




Use tailored activities to create a framework that „fits“ to the own brand.

„Clothe“ your brand in a memorable „wrapping“.



Branding is tailored work