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#Branding … or how consistent are you?


We as a brand are responsible for our own success.

You are not getting as much credit as you feel you deserve?

Normally, we receive appreciation and credit for who we are and what we contribute to our audience, to our fan base, to our community, and to society.
A brand is a perception, maintained by others, that describes our qualities and our influences on others.
Developing a strong brand is a process of discovering who we really are and what we aspire to be.
A brand is able to make lasting impressions that build relationships of trust.

How consistent are you as brand?

When you do things again and again, and do things that are distinctive and relevant, your brand is consistent.
And for that you get credit. People learn to trust you, when you are consistent in your behavior.

However, don’t try to aim on creating attention!
A brand does not aim on anything!
Don’t sell yourself!

Be distinctive and stand up for your beliefs!
Being distinctive is much more than being different!

You should explain your personal point of view clearly, that others learn to understand and follow you.
Branding is about the difference you make, in people’s life.
It is about making a discernable difference in others‘ eyes.

How many people have you interacted with over the past two weeks?

Did you make a discernable difference?
Your personal brand is known by the promises it keeps, by your attitude it shows, by your values it stands for.

Don’t try to copy other brands!
The identity you create is unique and not to transfer onto others!

You want to be perceived as strong brand?

Then you should make a positive difference!
And should consistent demonstrate that difference!


“Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” (Bruce Springsteen)


„Excellence is achieved by doing our actions regularly, over time, with best quality. It leads to trust.“ – Karin Sebelin


It takes wisdom, insight, empathy, intuition, and often a portion of extra effort to be relevant to another person.

Relevance has something to do with circumstances.
It is a process and starts with questions.
It is something we earn by the importance others place on what we do for them.


„Before you can get what you want, you must first help others get what they want.“


How strong is your brand?

Are you convinced that you are able to deliver every aspect?

1. Distinctive behavior
2. Relevant behavior
3. Consistent behavior

These three characteristics together create trust.


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I am Karin Sebelin,

cross-cultural leadership and branding expert from Germany,
your personal coach for bringing your personality to success.

I am a professional writer, author of 2 German children’s books, and co-author in an anthology.


I am author of the book  “Trust …. the only kind of influence that really matters

Currently I am writing my next book about ethics.


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